Legacy of Lies

An ex-MI6 agent is thrown back into the world of espionage and high stakes to uncover the shocking truth about operations conducted by unknown secret services.

Genre: Thriller
Duration: N/A
Release: 2020-08-20
IMDB: 4.9

The 100

100 years in the future, when the Earth has been abandoned due to radioactivity, the last surviving humans live on an ark orbiting the planet — but the ark won...

Duration: 43min
Release: 2014-03-19
IMDB: 7.7

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Agent Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division) puts together a team of agents to investigate the new...

Duration: 43min
Release: 2013-09-24
IMDB: 7.5


High school sophomore Courtney Whitmore inspires an unlikely group of young heroes to stop the villains of the past.

Duration: 45min
Release: 2020-05-18
IMDB: 7.3

The Umbrella Academy

A dysfunctional family of superheroes comes together to solve the mystery of their father's death, the threat of the apocalypse and more.

Duration: 60min
Release: 2019-02-15

Target Number One

Ex heroin junkie, Daniel Léger, gets involved in a drug deal with the wrong people for the wrong reasons. When the deal goes sour, Daniel gets thrown into a...

Genre: Crime, Thriller
Duration: 135min
Release: 2020-07-10
IMDB: 6.1

The Rental

Two couples rent a vacation home for what should be a celebratory weekend get-away.

Genre: Horror, Thriller
Duration: 89min
Release: 2020-07-23
IMDB: 5.8


Tomaz, an ex-soldier now homeless in London, is offered a place to stay at a decaying house, inhabited by a young woman and her dying mother. As he starts to...

Genre: Horror
Duration: 99min
Release: 2020-08-06
IMDB: 4.5

The Kissing Booth 2

Following the love adventures of Elle, Noah, and Lee.

Genre: Romance
Duration: 130min
Release: 2020-07-24

The Big Ugly

Neeyln has always been the loyal enforcer for crime boss Harris back in London, taking care of problems and people that disrupt his illicit business. When...

Genre: Drama
Duration: 106min
Release: 2020-07-24
IMDB: 4.1

Ghosts of War

World War II. A group of American soldiers encounter a supernatural enemy as they occupy a French castle previously under Nazi control.

Duration: 94min
Release: 2020-07-03
IMDB: 5.4


A panicked young woman and her two best friends fly to Mexico to delete a ranting email she sent to her new boyfriend. On arrival, they run into her former beau...

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Duration: 105min
Release: 2020-07-03
IMDB: 5.2

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